As part of my efforts to salvage my blog posts from Medium (but why?) I have gone back over all of my tutorials, updated them for the latest versions of Terraform, Helm and Kubernetes, and basically made sure they’re all still working (which they now are!) If you’re new to my posts, here’s a good order to follow them in:

  1. Infrastructure as Code… but, why?
  2. Learn Terraform by deploying a GKE cluster
  3. Deploy Jenkins to GKE with Helm
  4. Terraform Pipelines in Jenkins

These posts will introduce the concept of Infrastructure as Code and why it’s a good idea. We’ll then use Terraform to build a GKE cluster, Helm to install Jenkins, and finally we’ll automate the Terraform deployment itself in Jenkins.

Once you’ve got the hang of those you can look at Terraform Pipelines in GitLab as an alternative to Jenkins.

There are quite a few other posts dotted about, so please check out the full list here!