A microphone

Update 11th Jan 2024: I’m trying to update the theme, improve accessibilty, dark mode, code syntax hightlighting etc., and things are not working… bear with me!

Finding the time to write blog posts is hard. After all, when you’re done with your day job, your side gig, your hobbies and your personal grooming routine*, there are precious few minutes left in the day to spend with your family, let alone doing anything even tangentially related to career or personal development.

So, like 99% of the other personal blog sites on the ever-dimishing small web, mine hasn’t been updated in a while. I did however recently get my Masters, so I’m going to blame my absense on that.

There’s also the fear that all of that technical advice, all of those tutorials I wrote may not exactly work anymore. Technologies change! For example, in just my last post (over a year ago), I talked about “Tooting” in Mastodon, before it was renamed to the much more sensible “Posting”. What a fool I was. And if I’m being honest, I’m only really writing this now to test if my CI/CD pipeline to publish it still works - so if you can read this, then yay!

And if you’re still reading this - please let me know if you did find something remotely useful on this site, but it didn’t work for you, and I will definitely try to find the time to fix it. I’d love to start writing new stuff in 2024 too! So watch this space. Or maybe, just come back in a bit. It’s not going to change in front of your eyes if you just keeping staring at it, is it?

(* I hope you realise this part is a joke)